Job Posting Criteria


30 Day Website Posting

  • Members – $50.00
  • Non-Members – $150.00
  • Recruiters – $300.00 

AFP Nebraska will state a disclaimer that they reserve the right to disallow any posting deemed inappropriate. AFP Nebraska will abide by “required criteria” and those postings that are sent without the “required criteria” will not be sent.


  • Key Elements of the Job Description
  • Minimum Education and Experience Requirements
  • Location of Job
  • Deadline for Applying (closing date must be AT LEAST 2 weeks out)
  • Contact Information Including Web Site Address if Applicable
  • Salary Range
  • Benefits Available


AFP Nebraska Chapter has adopted the following procedures for job postings:

  • Job posting with all REQUIRED CRITERIA must be submitted online to Joe Pittman, AFP Chapter Administrator. Please contact Joe with any questions at (402) 397-0280 or at [email protected].
  • Chapter Administrator will send an invoice to the employer appropriate to the fee schedule previously mentioned above.  You may also pay online.
  • Payment MUST BE RECEIVED prior to an email blast or the thirty day posting.
  • Job posting is emailed in an email blast to all AFP members and posted to AFPNebraska Facebook and Twitter pages.
  • Job posting is emailed to non-members at least 3 days AFTER the members receive the posting.
  • Chapter Administrator will monitor the 30 day postings and removed from the web site after 30 days.
  • Job openings will be displayed (hard copy) once at the monthly AFP luncheon meeting.
Published in Policies on February 04, 2008